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A Review on Security Concerns in Cloud Computing and their Solutions


Shakir Khan, Mohamed F. AlAjmi


Vol. 19  No. 2  pp. 9-15


Cloud computing is a rising internet-based technology to be likely existing in our surroundings particularly computer science and information technology pastures which call for network computing on big level. Cloud computing is a shared pool of services which is fasting reputation because of its cost efficiency, accessibility and great creation. Along with its various benefits, cloud computing conveys much more demanding situation concerning data solitude, data safeguard, authentic access etc. As a result of these questions, implementation of cloud computing is flattering complicated in today’s era. In this research, different security issues concerning data privacy and consistency, key factors which are disturbing the cloud computing, have been concentrated and also proposals on exacting areas have been thrashed out.


Cloud computing data protection encryption digital signature security issues