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A Multi-Agent Based Architecture Proposal with Integrated Question Answering System for Collaborative E-Learning


Abderrazzak SAMADI, Mohammed QBADOU, Fatiha AKEF


Vol. 19  No. 1  pp. 198-205


In recent years, many multi-agent e-Learning systems have been developed, each one proposes an architecture composed of different layers with multiple agents. Most of these architectures present a general e-Learning solution. But, in an e-Learning environment, and to help learners to benefit the maximum from their courses, tutors are faced with the arduous task of writing answers - containing detailed, useful information - to every query and question they receive daily from their students. The task can take up a considerable amount of the time they spend each day on teaching. Therefor there is a need for a system that takes in consideration the importance of an automatic question answering system in collaborative e-Learning environment. In this paper, we are going to introduce a multi-agent based e-Learning architecture with integrated Question Answering System that helps learners to achieve their learning goals and to find the best answers to their questions and helps tutors to answer questions asked by their students in a collaborative e-Learning environment.


e-Learning Multi-Agent Systems collaborative e-Learning Question Answering System Ontology.