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RSS -Based Indoor Localization using Building Structure


Mohammad A. Abbadi


Vol. 19  No. 1  pp. 190-197


The evolved technology of smartphones and the need of novel indoor localization and tracking system have motivated the researchers to develop and build several tracking approaches. However, the developed approaches have some limitations related to the construction of dynamic Radio Map(RM) and additional hardware requirements. In this paper, we reassess existing approaches and develop a new positioning and tracking system based on stored database called building blueprint. The initial positions are obtained using the nearest by access point (AP). Afterward, this approach traces user in an indoor environment based on smartphone sensors and the stored building blueprint database. Our results show that this approach maintains a high level of accuracy in terms of distance estimation and eliminates the need of complex search algorithms. Our approach does not require a frequent radio map, which means no need to resurvey the environment to adopt the environmental changes. In addition, the results show that the distance estimating mean error is about 3.3 m while the detection of initial position mean error is 2.6 m.


Building Database, Strongest Receive Signal Strength, step counting.