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Cognition Based User Interface Design for Healthcare Systems


Saad bin Azmat, Muhammad Kashif Hanif, Uzair Zia, Asad ur Rehman, Ihtesham ul Haq, and Imran Shahzad


Vol. 19  No. 1  pp. 177-185


Healthcare facilities today are relying on the composite technical equipment. Advancements in user interface design are necessary for the healthcare systems. The quality of user interface is essential in the healthcare field, as the consideration of healthcare experts is generally on the patient but not on healthcare system, and so less cognitive user interfaces can lead to serious medical mistakes. The study presents a brief survey of user interface design in which it discusses about the issues in current healthcare systems. It examines the importance of cognition based user interface design according to some of the recent trends in domain. The purpose of this study is to pinpoint that improvement of user interface design is important for the healthcare quality and performance which can be done by building cognition based user interface design. Through some cognitive psychology methods, it is useful for assessing the usability of healthcare systems and medical devices in hospital surroundings cognitive walk through is an appropriate method to assess the healthcare systems with multilevel menus.


User Interface Design, Healthcare Systems, Medical Devices, Emergency Medical Services, Cognitive Interface Designs.