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Survey on Isomorphic Graph Algorithms for Graph Analytics


Theyvaa Sangkaran, Azween Abdullah, N.Z. JhanJhi, Mahadevan Supramaniam


Vol. 19  No. 1  pp. 85-92


The social network analysis focuses on investigating the connection of social actors and obtaining useful insights. It involves various techniques and methods, including determining the isomorphism among (sub)graphs. In this study, we have presented a critical analysis of seven different algorithms related to graph analytics, namely, Ullman, VF, VF2, MLC, Schmidt and Druffel, Corneil and Gotlieb and canonical graph labelling, by reviewing different types of isomorphic graphs identification algorithms. This research contributes to the domain of knowledge by providing the working mechanisms, features, different application areas and mechanism states of various algorithms used for isomorphic graph.


Algorithm for graph isomorphism, Social Network, Cyber Security, Graph analytics, Isomorphic graph.