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IT/CS Job Trend Analysis of the Graduates of Universities/Institutes with Leading Software Houses and Industries: Complex Network Analysis


Nadeem Mahmood, Muhammad Faizan, Jibran R. Khan, Kashif Rizwan, Farhan A. Siddiqui, Adnan Nadeem


Vol. 19  No. 1  pp. 40-47


Everything is connected in one way or another in this universe and forms a network such as the internet, biological network (genome network, neural network), physical networks (infrastructure based networks of roads, trains and other communication networks), plant and ecological network, social networks (friendship, coworker, coauthor etc.). Complex network analysis provides us the mechanism where we built networks by identifying relations among various nodes to discover hidden characteristics of the problem domain which otherwise can’t be discovered. In this paper, we investigate by formulating the network of job pattern of software graduates of leading universities/institutes of Karachi in various government departments, software houses and IT industry in Karachi, Pakistan. Further, we will evaluate the network behavior with help of network centrality matrices. This research will guide us through the industry trend and we will be in a better position to give or present a model for the growth of IT industry in Pakistan. The survey was conducted to get the findings based on the questions we asked participants and data collected from different sources of varying ages and experience. We plotted histograms of degree distribution and found that there is a possible relation between power-law and degree distribution of companies. Average job span turns out to be less than 2 years. Moreover, the analysis proposed that graduates of public universities are creating more jobs in the market, rather than private universities.


Network science, complex network analysis, network centrality metrics, power law, degree distribution.