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SOA Issues and their Solutions through Knowledge Based Techniques ? A Review


Syed Fakhar Abbas, Raja Khaim Shahzad, Mamoona Humayun, NZ Jhanjhi, Malak Alamri


Vol. 19  No. 1  pp. 8-21


Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an evolution of Component Based Software Engineering (CBSE), which is truly a paradigm shift from typical Software Engineering (S.E) having more focus on reusability and flexibility of services. Due to its instant popularity and adaption in the recent decade, it seeks a lot of attention of practitioners and researchers. Knowledge Management (KM) has proved a powerful tool in resolving issues related to the requirement as well as software engineering. In this paper, we have extorted some major issues like service selection, service quality, service composition and coordination between different processes among web services etc. faced by the SOA community through KM techniques extensive literature study. The end product does not meet the user business requirements exactly. To minimize this gap between the requirements provided by the user and web services available to build a software system, knowledge management techniques can prove to be helpful. We have also suggested a mechanism of minimizing the effect of issues in SOA with the effective appliance of KM techniques.


SOA, Knowledge Repository, Ontology, Semantic Analysis, Service Selection, Service Composition, Quality of Service.