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Performance Evaluation in a Radar System


Ahmed Alsheikhy, Muhannad Almutiry


Vol. 18  No. 11  pp. 116-126


In surveillance fields, radar is considered essential element or component. It is being rapidly used in remote sensing of large areas with capabilities of low vulnerability to electronic countermeasures. Tomographic process in radar systems can be defined as a process of 3D reconstruction in a measurement domain using several static distributions for a transmitter and a receiver. Using radar tomographic process suffers from strong sidelobes in the measurement domain by interfering with the echoes from weak scatters. Therefore, system’s ability and performance to detect a certain target feature decrease. To detect and extract weak target features from radar tomographic imagery, a new method was developed. This paper presents a performance evaluation method using a framework to estimate an average response time through extracting the weak target features from radar tomographic imagery scheme. The framework can determine the bottlenecks of using the new method to increase the image quality in radar tomographic process. Numerical evaluation of the developed approach is included to prove its effectiveness.


Hierarchical Performance Model (HPM), Response time evaluation, Scatters sidelobes, Radar tomography, Framework, Inverse problem, Radio frequency.