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Computer Simulation of Pore?Throat Ratio on the Features of Flow Configuration of Permeability in Tightly Compressed Porous Matrix


Zulqarnen Asadullah Baloch, Syed Baqer Shah, Hisamuddin Shaikh, Mahera Erum Baloch


Vol. 18  No. 11  pp. 84-92


Present research work focuses on the two?dimensional axi symmetric incompressible flow of a constant viscosity Newtonian fluid past Pore?Throat circular pipe. Numerical solutions are obtained through time?marching finite element method. A Taylor?Galerkin/Pressure?Correction procedure in semi?implicit form is employed to achieve the steady?state solutions. To investigate the influence of inertia, such as, Reynolds number, impact of various pore?throat ratios on flow structure, pressure differential, and friction factor different parameters are employed. Predicted numerical results demonstrate Pore?Throat ratio have vital impact on the flow field distribution. Flow structure is visualized via streamline distribution, particularly formation of recirculation region in its intensity and size of vortices regarding length and position of vortex centre is analyzed by contour plots and graphs. Whilst, pressure distribution is also presented though contour plots and friction factors through graph. From the predicted numerical result, a good agreement is observed against other numerical as well as experimental solutions


Pore?Throat Tube, Finite Element Method, Newtonian Fluids, Flow in Porous Media, Low Permeability, Pore Configuration.