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A Camera-Based Fingerprint Registration and Verification Method


Sajid Khan, Ahmad Waqas, Muhammad Asif Khan and Arbab Waheed Ahmad


Vol. 18  No. 11  pp. 26-31


Many researchers worked on detection and verification of fingerprints that involves sensor or fingerprint detection device. However, due to lack of availability of sensors and such devices in remote areas leads to alternative and cost-effective solutions for such purpose. Using of ordinary camera or webcam for such purpose provides cost-effective solution as nowadays, most of the smartphones comes with digital cameras of reasonable image quality. This paper proposes a fingerprint registration and verification technique that involves pre-processing of digital image in order to convert it into binary image. The binary image have similar characteristics when compared to the output of scanner. Therefore, preprocessing is followed by the techniques of feature detection such as ridges and bifurcation. Those features are either stored in database in case of registration process whereas are compared with features of stored fingerprints in case of verification. Proposed method is a cost-effective solution for fingerprint registration and verification at the cost only few additional steps of image preprocessing.


Digital camera, fingerprint, verification, registration, biometric.