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Adaptive Routing for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Using Cluster Networks


Abdulaleem Ali Almazroi


Vol. 18  No. 11  pp. 17-25


The traditional routing protocols of vehicular ad hoc network (VANET (are designed specifically for an environment known for its requirements. For example, a downtown environment is known for high node density and the short distance between nearby nodes. However, these protocols have fundamental properties that make it difficult to forward data from a source node to a target node when the environment changes. In order to improve routing in VANET networks, this paper has proposed an approach that aims to enhance the quality of communications between nodes in the network, while reducing system time messages and ensuring communication with less possible transmission difficulties. The proposed approach is based on the adaptive routing in cluster networks to make a correct classification according to certain criteria (speed, density, number of hops, environment, and the knowledge of the information of the position) after selecting one of the Dynamic Source Routing DSR routing protocol conditions. This approach was able to show its power in terms of performance and results.


Vehicular Ad hoc Networks Adaptive Routing Protocol Dynamic Source Routing Cluster Network.