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Integrating the Internet of Things with the Business Process Management: Case study


Anouar DALLI, Seddik BRI


Vol. 18  No. 11  pp. 10-16


IOT (Internet of Things) is the way to interconnect intelligent objects that can collect data via sensors and make appropriate decisions. The data collected and the treatments can be done locally at these objects, just as they can be outsourced to the Cloud given its theoretically unlimited capabilities. In this context, one of the major difficulties is the programming of data transfer between objects and/or in the Cloud. This challenge is comparable to that of Business Process Management (BPM) in firms, whose data management is often driven by workflow processes because of their efficiency in automation, optimization and scheduling. These processes are modeled using methods such as the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) method, which is based on three elements for modelling - tasks, events and gateways. This latter element is represented by flow control operators such as AND, OR and XOR that are intended for business processes, and are limited to processing several cases of data flow processes that flow between connected objects. In this article, we propose adapting the BPM to IOT process management, to improve the automation, scheduling and optimization of data flowing between objects and in the Cloud by proposing a new semantic operator called: Gateway for Internet of Things (GIOT) to facilitate intelligent data transfer by taking an intelligent house study case.


Internet of things, Buisness Process Management, processing data, data mangement, Gatway of Internet Of Things