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Fault Estimation and Fault Tolerant Control based on Bond Graph approach


Fatma Ezzahra Oueslati, Manel Allous and Nadia Zanzouri


Vol. 18  No. 10  pp. 149-155


The paper presents a bond graph model-based approach to active fault tolerant control (FTC) that makes use of residuals of analytical redundancy relations (ARRs). It is shown that ARR residuals can be used for estimation of faults that can be isolated. Motivated by benefits of the Bond Graph (BG) tool as a useful method for multidisciplinary systems and which is characterized by structural, causal and behavioral properties, a new control accommodation of fault tolerant control enables to compensate the fault is designed. The proposed approach focus on a diagnosis using the ARRs and a fast estimation. In order to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach, an hydraulic system with two tanks has been studied.


Bond Graph, Active fault tolerant control, analytical redundancy, Fault detection and isolation, Fault estimation, Fault accommodation.