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A Review: Threshold Based Clustering Schemes of Routing Protocols for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks


Raja Asif Wagan, Kang Wei-Xin, Ahthasham Sajid, Atif Ali Wagan


Vol. 18  No. 10  pp. 120-129


The threshold based clustering schemes are a new era of clustering techniques. The threshold based clustering scheme offers a process of optimal cluster formations. The optimal utilization of the energy by using threshold-based clustering scheme network lifetime by process of making clusters. The outset of optimal threshold based clustering is new research area in heterogeneous routing protocols. This study presents the review of the threshold based clustering schemes used in various routing protocols such as soft threshold, hard threshold, hierarchical clustering, two-level threshold and three level threshold schemes. The concept threshold based energy efficient routing schemes provide a variety of routing algorithms. The characteristics and properties of widely known threshold based scheme clustering protocols are compared and scrutinized by several attributes and aspects. Furthermore, challenges and discussion on possible future research areas for threshold based clustering schemes presented in this paper. Moreover, this paper discusses and presents future research, challenges, and issues for threshold based clustering the scheme based routing algorithms for heterogeneous wireless sensor networks.


Networks, Communication protocols, Threshold, Energy, Heterogeneous