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Mobile Navigation Application for the University: A Case Study


Afnan Amirruddin and Mohd Hilmi Hasan


Vol. 18  No. 10  pp. 113-119


Human being uses mapping system as their mean of navigation such as physical map and stars in the sky. Since the advance of technology, we saw the thrive of Global Positioning System (GPS) like PAPAGO! which produces GPS hardware just for navigation. Nowadays, the advancement of navigation technology is rapidly growing as seen from the immense number of users using mobile apps like Google Maps and Waze. In this research, we propose the use of this technology to resolve the navigation problem in a confined place such as university. We focus the study on our university, where most of the buildings are named alphabetically such as N, L or P block. This naming system is quite confusing as compared to using the department name for the building. The department name cannot be used to identify buildings because there are buildings that contain several departments. This problem does not only affect new students, new staff or visitors, but also the existing students and staff. Hence, we develop a university mobile navigation system to resolve the issue. The system is developed as a mobile app and as for this research it runs on Android platform only. The results show that the system can provide customized navigation for the university.


Android mobile app, navigation app, mobile navigation app, navigation system