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Expert Triage System in Cardiology Emergency Department


Fateme Moghbeli, Mostafa Langarizadeh, Majid Kiavar, Akbar Nikpajouh, Toktam khatibi


Vol. 18  No. 10  pp. 100-104


Hospital challenges and employing artificial intelligence to tackle those challenges has been the topic of copious research. A key issue in any hospital is the triage unit which is ever more significant in heart specialized hospitals. Employing artificial intelligence methods especially the fuzzy method is a great help to medical diagnosis and prioritizing the patients in the cardiac ward. In the present research, the Mamdani’s fuzzy model was used to prioritize the triage rules in the hospital cardiac ward. As a developmental study, the present research aimed to propose and evaluate the patient prioritization system applied in the triage of a heart specialized hospital. The system evaluation results obtained from the data provided by 200 patient visitors of Rajaei Cardiovascular, Medical & Research Center revealed that the proposed system, which enjoyed a sensitivity of 93% , accuracy of 96% and specificity of 97%, managed to have a proper prediction of the level of triage in the heart emergency room. The system also has this privilege that it has observed almost all the key factors involved in predicting the level of triage. Fuzzy logic has come to the help of medical specialists. The present research used Mamdani fuzzy algorithm to classify patients in terms of their initial vital signs, nurses’ and doctors’ diagnosis. The proposed algorithm is capable of predicting of triage level in the heart emergency room with a sensitivity of 93%, accuracy of 96% and specificity of 97%.


Fuzzy systems, fuzzy inference engine, triage level prediction, vital signs.