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Criminal Network Visualization and Analysis using PEVNET


Fatima Nazir Rani, Muhammad Awais, Muhammad Yahya Saeed, Saba Nazir


Vol. 18  No. 10  pp. 78-85


The history of crime is as old as the existence of a human being. In past, the crimes were not organized enough and the criminal conspiracies were not much sophisticated as compared to this era we are surviving in. The evolutionary changes in human life have also influenced the patterns of criminal activities. The unprecedented technological capabilities combined with human creativity have given criminals a tremendous opportunity to create intractable criminal activities. The challenge is to inhibit exponential crime growth by identifying criminal mindsets plotting such heinous crimes. This research is carried out to address this dilemma of modern age through criminal network visualization and analysis. The research is stuffed with a real dataset used by Pakistan Police Department. This dataset contains detailed information on robbery crimes reported in January to July 2018. In order to achieve research objectives, data visualization and analysis is facilitated by a novel visualization technique called PEVNET. This research would help analysts and law enforcement agencies to examine the intensity of recent and to predict the magnitude of future crimes by visualizing and analyzing criminal networks.


PEVNET, Visualization and analysis, criminal networks, dataset