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Characteristics Of Vegetable Oils As Liquid Insulation For Transformer : An Experimental Study


Shazia Feroz, Mohsin Ali Tunio, Nadeem Ahmed Tunio, Zubair Ali


Vol. 18  No. 10  pp. 1-4


Utilization of vegetable oil as a liquid insulator in electrical machinery is a best alternative in replacement of petroleum based mineral oil. For power transformers petroleum based mineral oils are widely utilized as fluid protection. The considerable electrical and physical characteristics of insulation oils along with wide accessibility range and been employed in liquid filled electrical devices for different voltage values from the inception of power industry. The main drawback of mineral oil is its low fire and flash point, limited biodegradability and not being a renewable resource. This research describes the study of different insulating fluids, comparative study and experimental measurement of dielectric Breakdown Voltage (BDV) for synthetic Ester, Corn, Olive, Castor and Mineral oil. From experimental investigations carried out in this paper, it can be concluded that vegetable oils analyzed are the better alternative to the mineral oil.


Insulation Oil, Breakdown Voltage, Viscosity, Transformer, Natural Esters