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Surface Detection in Automobile using Sensors


Naveed Ali Khan, Saleem Ahmed, Dost Muhammad Saqib, Muhammad Zubair, Hannan Bin Liaqat, Abdullah Khan


Vol. 18  No. 9  pp. 137-143


In this research paper, we deal with the solution of damage to the lower frame of automobile, especially for sport cars. A special type of Hydraulic lift system (HLS) is used to lift the car where needed. A wireless network of sensors will detect the distance inclined angle from a certain point of car to the road surface. Whenever the distance of vehicle from road surface is become lower or greater than a defined limit, the control circuit unit (CU) will activate the hydraulic lift system to avoid damage to the car. We have discussed some more techniques to resolve the issue more effectively by introducing the full automated hydraulic lift system . The proposed strategy is more effective for the developing countries, whereas the technology limitations are available such (No GPS, net connectivity are slower). While, we used distance sensors to detect the distance with the surface of road.


Sensors, HLS, CU, potholes.