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Technical Losses Ratio: Analysis of Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Network


Zahoor Hussain, Muhammad Hammad-u-Salam, Shahid Muner Shah, Raza Hussain Shah, Nisar Ahmed Memon, Muhammad Memon, Rahaat Ali Khan


Vol. 18  No. 9  pp. 131-136


The electricity deliver to power consumer has amount of power losses due to some potential reasons with the passage of time, the losses are reflected as sever energy losses. From the power distribution system points of view, the losses cannot be isolated from electric power load distribution and power generation networks. Theses power losses are called as technical losses which leads to many other problems as un-balancing power load distribution, high transmission line power losses, decreases power generation stations efficiencies while increases the capital expenditures, production cost and power shortage. This paper indicates occurrences of the overall technical losses and ratio of technical losses which leads net-deficits among power demand and power supply. The methodology identify ratio of technical losses incurred during power generation station to power distribution sub-station through transmission lines and power transformer modules.


Technical Losses, Analysis, Types of technical losses, Technical Losses Ratio