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Intelligent System for Garbage collection: IoT technology with Ultrasonic sensor and Arduino Mega


Najaf Ali, M. Muzammul and Ayesha Zafar


Vol. 18  No. 9  pp. 102-107


Piles of rubbish are one of the major problems faced by most people in our country. Many times, in our city we see that the garbage bins or dustbins placed at public places are overloaded. It creates unhygienic conditions for people as well as ugliness to that place leaving bad smell which may lead to sanitary issues and disease. To avoid all such situations we are going to implement a project called IoT Based Smart Garbage System. The proposed system is consisted by the ultrasonic sensor to measure the waste level, and an Arduino Mega which Control the system operations. It can be also generate warning message to the municipality via SMS when the garbage bin is full or almost full, so the garbage can be collected immediately. The main aim of this project is to reduce human resources and efforts along with the enhancement of a smart city vision. Furthermore, it is expected to contribute to improving the efficiency of the solid waste disposal management.


Smart Garbage, IoT garbage system, intelligent system, Ultrasonic sensor