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Security Solutions in Cloud-based Healthcare Information Systems: A Systematic Review


Mohsen S. Tabatabaei, Mostafa Langarizadeh, Mohammad K. Akbari


Vol. 18  No. 9  pp. 57-64


Cloud computing technology has attracted various industries including healthcare systems, as an efficient and cost-effective medium for providing services over the Internet for various purposes worldwide. Despite the growing popularity, healthcare institutions are concerned about ensuring the security of patient data shared over the Internet. The aims of this article were: a) to examine the existing information security solutions in healthcare industry, b) to review the strengths and weakness, and c) to propose a new cloud-based information security approach by combining the strengths and minimizing the weaknesses. We searched four major databases: PubMed, Scopus, ISI Web Sciences, and Science Direct, in two phases, using such key terms as cloud-based health information security healthcare informatics and cloud computing technology. Of the 231 initial quality entries, 21 eligible articles and 15 projects were examined systematically by an expert panel, and the findings were grouped into: administrative, technical and physical information security domains. Five groups of security solutions were identified (Table 1), collectively offering 17 advantages to cloud-based information communication (Table 2). Also, 15 successful cloud-based information projects with their effective security solutions and methods are presented in Table 3. Appropriate security solutions for cloud-based healthcare data communication enhance the confidentiality of the Internet services and improve collaborations among healthcare institutions. The best approach for providing cloud-based information exchange is to combine security solutions to ensure confidentiality and accessibility, maximizing collaboration among healthcare institutions, while reducing or eliminating potential threats worldwide.


Healthcare information Security solutions Healthcare informatics Cloud computing technology.