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Software re-engineering role in human computer interaction (HCI) with quality assurance


M. Muzammul, Ayesha Zafar, M Yahya Saeed, Najaf Ali


Vol. 18  No. 9  pp. 51-56


Instead of developing new software, when we follow up re-engineering techniques in form of reliability, cost reduction, reusability and productivity come into existence as the goals of software re-engineering and human computer interaction. Software interface adoptive trend leads toward reengineering instead of new system or software development. In this paper, we proposed software re-engineering deals with the alteration, including or excluding features in existing legacy software systems that lead to quality and effectiveness. We adopted reverse as well as forward engineering to give attractive, interactive software system as actual business demand. As developing trends remain in change process, for reengineering latest trends tried to follow, which refactor code, design but don’t disturb the interactive system quality. We conclude that reengineering can be effective in sense of maintainability and cost productiveness.


Software reengineering HCI Revers, forward engineering Quality assurance