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Real Estate Cost Estimation Using Data Mining Techniques


Rana Salman Ali Khan, Fakhra Saleem, Sheraz Arshad Malik, Maria Rasheed, Farah Naz, Waleed Ashraf


Vol. 18  No. 8  pp. 158-160


Most of the countries do not full fill the international evaluation standard, so the actual cost variation of the property is a problem. Some where they have a system to evaluate but that is not up to secure mark. People play with the market values among the stakeholders according to their own benefits. Most of the cases the information is stated is not taken after the research and not totally unbiased. This research helps us to find estimated values. All the properties categories having separated values and the ups and downs must be related to use and previous values and linked with the development of those areas. The most common technique that will be used is outlier, the unexpected transitions occurs the very large and small values. The table of evaluation is maintained in most of countries to estimate the minimum property values related different categories i.e. commercial, industrial, residential, and agricultural, on the road, off the road and link road. The above mentioned categories are further divided into sub-categories our main focus is on the residential apartments. There will be Different levels according to their look, conditions and facilities that are provided in these apartments.


Data mining, real estate cost estimation