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User Interface Design Issues In HCI


Waleed Iftikhar, Muhammad Sheraz Arshad Malik, Shanza Tariq, Maha Anwar, Jawad Ahmad, M. Saad sultan


Vol. 18  No. 8  pp. 153-157


This paper presents an important analysis on a literature review which has the findings in design issues from the year 1999 to 2018. This study basically discusses about all the issues related to design and user interface, and also gives the solutions to make the designs or user interface more attractive and understandable. This study is the guideline to solve the main issues of user interface. There is important to secure the system for modern applications. The use of internet is quickly growing from years. Because of this fast travelling lifestyle, where they lets the user to attach with systems from everywhere. When user is ignoring the functionalities in the system then the system is not secure but, in other systems there exist some threats can harm the system. For example: when the user is not educated or have no knowledge to use the device then such system is not secure for such user. This paper points judgmentally through an audit of existing writing, the significance of exchange off or adjust amongst convenience and the security of the framework. For all kind of items, the UI is checked or estimated by utilizing the heuristics assessment, intellectual walkthrough, formal ease of use review, pluralistic walkthrough, highlights examination, consistency investigation, standard review and numerous more techniques. The creator played out the study to look at the ease of use for all the current telephones. As the outcome for the simplicity of client, two models are discover, client fulfillment and learnability. The survey results that UI in view of proposed structure is easier to understand than the board based UI.


Interface design issues, usability of user interface, data security issues.