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Mango Classification Using Texture & Shape Features


Qaiser Abbas, M Muddasir Iqbal, Sadia Niazi, Moneeza Noureen


Vol. 18  No. 8  pp. 132-138


Mango is a national fruit of Pakistan and also called king of fruits. There are many varieties of mangoes, which are distinguishable on the basis of their taste, shape, colour intensity, etc. These features are utilized technically and are able to distinguish different varieties well enough. Mango is widely used in food products like jams, juices, medicines, and bakery items. The purchase of this fruit from the local market totally depends upon the human visual perception. A mistake in picking the wrong variety against the demand causes a loss in quality of that product in which it has to be used and also an international disrepute in case of exporting. Texture technique and shape extraction is broadly used for image classification. In our work, these techniques are applied on mango images for their categorization i.e. matching, extracting, object classification and for analysis. The results achieved are quite promising and proves that these techniques can be used to identify types of Mangoes and not only their sizes.


Mango types, mango categorization, shape, texture, MaZda, B11 program