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Biometric Encryption in Cloud Computing: A Systematic Review


Mehreen Ansar, Muhammad Sheraz Arshad Malik, Mubeen Fatima, Sadaf Aslam, Anum Rasheed, Iqra Nazir


Vol. 18  No. 8  pp. 125-131


This Review paper is about the security of bio metric templates in cloud databases. Biometrics is proved to be the best authentication method. However, the main concern is the security of the biometric template, the process to extract and stored in the database within the same database along with many other. Many techniques and methods have already been proposed to secure templates, but everything comes with its pros and cons, this paper provides a critical overview of these issues and solutions.


Cloud Computing, Biometrics, Cloud Databases, Cryptography, Quantum Cryptography, Cognitive Cryptography, DNA Storages