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Young’s Modulus Distribution Prediction Analysis of Elasticity Imaging Technique Based on Location of Tumors


Md. Taslim Reza, Abu Hena Md. Mustafa Kamal, Muhammad Rezaul Hoque Khan and Mohammad Rakibul Islam


Vol. 18  No. 8  pp. 112-117


Soft tissue Elastography is a well-established technique that has received substantial attention in recent years in the detection and classification of tumors. The core target of elastography in the field of breast imaging is to identify the tumor at its early stage, providing a non-invasive method for obtaining the mechanical properties of tissue in the breast. Theoretically, elastography data can be utilized to obtain the Young’s Modulus distribution of the targeted soft tissue region. However, elastography techniques are only able to extract the distribution of strain in the selected area. The strain data can be calculated from ultrasound based imaging techniques. To obtain the actual Young’s modulus requires the knowledge of stress distribution around that region, which is challenging in different aspects. A number of research groups are working on prediction of stress distribution of tissue. In this paper, we investigate the error between the simulated results to the actual value of stress distribution, from differing external sides of the tissue, as well as based on the location of the tumor. This error, based on the location, presents the order of challenges that must be overcome in order to predict the stress distribution.


Breast model, finite element, COMSOL Multiphysics, elasticity imaging, 2-dimensional model, error analysis.