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A Comprehensive Review paper on Security Issues in Wireless Sensor Network


Hafiz Tanveer Ahmed, Muhammad Sheraz Arshad Malik, Kiran Shahzadi, Nida Arshad, Gulnaz Sabar, Ali Akbar


Vol. 18  No. 8  pp. 81-87


Wireless sensor network (WSN) is one of the maximum developing technology for sensing and performing the diverse obligations. Such networks are useful in many fields, inclusive of emergencies, fitness monitoring, environmental manage, martial, businesses and those networks liable to malicious users and physical attacks due to wireless assortment of community. The extraordinarily touchy nature of collected facts makes security in these special networks a crucial concern. Wireless sensor network (WSN) are normally implemented for gathering statistics from insecure surroundings. Almost all protection protocols for wireless sensor network (WSN) consider that the intruder can obtain entirely manipulate over a sensor node by means of way of direct get physical entrance. Certainly, the improvement of powerful and proficient protection mechanisms to the ones attacks need to be addressed at every degree of the system layout and security is an essential requirement for these networks. The presence of wireless communication technology also suffers diverse forms of security threats because of without appeared installation of sensor nodes as sensor networks may also interact with sensitive information and perform in adverse without appeared surroundings. The problematic of security is because of the wireless environment of the sensor networks and restricted nature of sources at the wireless sensor nodes, which means that safety architectures used for traditional wireless networks are not feasible. Regular safety treats, intrusion detection gadget, key distribution schemes and goal localization is supplied. The determined of this paper is to research the security issues in wireless sensor networks (WSN). We perceive the security threats, overview proposed security instruments for wireless sensor networks (WSN). We also deliberate the entire view of security for certifying layered and strong security in wireless sensor networks (WSN).


Wireless Sensor Network, Security Issues in Wireless Sensor Network, Attacks on Wireless Sensor Networks, Security Constraints & Counter Measures in Wireless Sensor Network, Holistic Security in Wireless Sensor Network