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Embedded IOT System: Software and Security Attacks


Muhammad Ayub Sabir, Muhammad Sheraz Arshad Malik, Fatima Ashraf and Rubab Rasheed


Vol. 18  No. 8  pp. 70-73


Internet of the things is the latest trend in the Internet world with all its embedded systems and applications. It includes the wide variety of the smart devices that are sending the huge amount of data. The main challenge is when the IoT systems are connected with the internet, it is affected by the different attacks. The software stops its operational steps and badly affecting the normal working of the system. These attacks also affected the application of IoT that is connected to the internet. IoT smart devices also threats the authentication and physical attacks. End to End communication nodes is disconnected when the system is attacked by the external or internal attack. While the connection with the internet it creates many challenges like integrity, stability issues. The traditional method is failed to create a secure barrier against these attacks. A security framework is required to handle all the things. This paper investigates the new way to secure the system in an effect when the IoT devices integrate with the internet. Middleware security for the secure end to end communication between the sender and receiver and provide a shield against the vulnerable attacks. Introducing the core component that IoT Name Resolution Service (IoT- NRS).


IoT, Middleware Security, Real-time operating system