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Mathematical Model of a Compact Dual Band Implantable Antennas for Telemedicine Monitoring Devices


Zafar Iqbal, Tahreem Saeed, Ahsan Humayun and Tariq Rafiq


Vol. 18  No. 8  pp. 52-56


Wireless connectivity is the most important concern of all upcoming technologies like healthcare applications of internet of things (IoT) and it is only possible using sophisticated antennas. Biological products such as implantable and wearable biosensors are widely used in healthcare applications in which antennas are integrated with them that helps biosensor in remote observation of sensitive patients. These biosensor antennas are designed in such a way that they may conserve minimum energy giving lesser loss to biosensors battery. Dual band antennas are widely proposed for biosensors that switches between two medically reserved frequency bands i.e. Medical Implant Communication Services (MICS (402-405MHz)) and Industrial Scientific Medical (ISM (2.4-2.48GHz)) that conserves overall energy of biosensor. As the antennas designed for these biosensors are the most critical module to get intact with biosensor, therefore, these antennas need to be tested before implementation. Hence, in this paper, formal methods are used to formally specify and verify the biotelemetry antenna’s radiation patch that will operate on two bands. VDM-SL language is used to specify and validate the radiation patch and the return loss offered by antenna and then the entire model is implemented, verified and validated using VDM-SL toolbox.


Biosensor Antennas, Biotelemetry Products, Miniaturized, Serpentine, Radiation patch, MICS, ISM, Formal Methods, VDM-SL