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Getting 3D Facial Image Distortion Using Pincushion Deformations


Cahyo Darujati, Bimo Gumelar, Supeno Mardi and Mochamad Hariadi


Vol. 18  No. 8  pp. 33-40


In computer graphics, techniques for manipulation, deformation, and animation are merely close and often inter-related, and in deformation modeling, we need some smooth shapes without discontinuities. In this paper, we experiment in the context of manipulation for deformation modeling process. All these operations can be an option to serve as building characters of animation. For the moment, while the literature on deformation and animation are dominated by surface-based modeling and rendering techniques, we consider techniques that are designed to transform the geometrical shape and general overview of the scopes of deformation. Simulation results demonstrate the algorithms developed to apply distortion of them fulfills all the requirements of image data. By utilizing this kind of the most common form effect, lens distortion, which is a nonlinear and generally radial distortion. We generate our 3D facial image using pincushion distortion. The pincushion distortion is an opposite effect when the edges are magnified stronger. In this experiment, the process is based on shifting pixels which may cause aliasing, and by the end of our experiment, we get some common problem of distorting computer-generated images there are black areas at the border.


3d facial image, pincushion deformation, deformation modeling