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Analysis of Discrete Time Queueing System with Late Arrival using Load Balancing Technique


Fozia Panhwer, Abdul Fattah Chandio, M. Mujtaba Shaikh, Zeeshan Ali, Khalil M. Zuhaib


Vol. 18  No. 7  pp. 138-142


Almost in every field of communication, networks are now being digitized. Thus, digital techniques are essentially required to solve and to obtain the performance evaluation of those network problems. Slotted time queueing is one of those latest technique to treat with the digitized networks. In any digital network, the working and transfer of data is based on time slotting as well as entering and leaving of the data packets which are controlled and synchronized by the clock pulses. Network station buffer is only part where each time before transmission to destination point on the network, the data packets are being really received and processed. In this paper, network buffer is focused and examine it with the help of load balancing technique by using late entering system modeling approach in slotted time domain. By focusing on network buffer, this work is enhanced for slotted time modeling approach in order to achieve minimum overloading with limited resources by analyzing the performance measure of mean which consequently improves throughput and maximizes the resource utilization.


Slotted time queueing, network Buffer, Load balancing, Late arrival.