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Optimal Transmit Power for Channel Access Based WSN MAC Protocols


Kamran Ali Memon, Mudasir Ahmed Memon, M. Mujtaba Shaikh, B. Das, Khalil M. Zuhaib, Iftikhar Ahmed Koondhar, Noor ul Ain Memon


Vol. 18  No. 7  pp. 51-60


Wireless Sensor Networks-most prevalent application-based networks today, are networks using cost-efficient sensing, computing and communication in physical world scenarios like Disaster Management, Environmental observation, Armed forces surveillance to Industrial process control monitoring, Patient remote vitals monitor via bio-instrumentation and emergency situations. Sensor Network literature review suggests that Designing PHY & MAC functionalities for nodes with low duty cycle and optimal transmit power in dense network is major research issue and requires utmost researchers’ attention to find out ways for solving it efficiently. This Paper first highlights about WSN protocols stack and design issues of each layer. An important MAC protocols classification based on four channel access methods namely Contention, Scheduling, Polling and Hybrid is presented. All methods are classified on the basis of Type, Energy Efficiency, synchronization, Adaptiveness and Scaling to give easy reference for applications. Further, performance of Channel access based BMAC protocol with varying transmission power is examined in terms of energy consumption, data packet transmission & reception, data forwarding and preamble transmission & reception. In Last, Present research trends focusing on combined enhancement of different layers are discussed. The ultimate target in MAC protocols research is towards realization of less delay, improved QoS, reduced overheads and efficient power consumption mechanisms


Channel Accessing, Contention, Scheduling, Polling and Hybrid, BMAC protocol, transmission power, Research Challenges