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A Novel All-Optical Signal Regeneration Technique for 10Gb/s Differential Phase Shift Keying Signal


Bhagwan Das, Abdul Fattah Chandio, Muhammad Mujtaba Shaikh, Kamran Ali Memon, Mohammad Faiz Liew Abdullah


Vol. 18  No. 7  pp. 47-50


Nonlinear signal processing became fascinating field for the researchers for high speed optical communication. One of the significant application has been came up is optical signal regeneration. There are different signal regeneration techniques have proposed by different researchers. However, the low Bit Error Rate (BER) at low power consumption is still challenging. In this paper, a novel optical signal regeneration technique is proposed using phase sensitive amplification and designed optical locked signal mechanism. The designed technique achieved BER of 10-14 at -14 dBm for degraded Differential Phase Shift Keying signal.


Bit Error Rate (BER) Optical Signal Regeneration Highly Nonlinear Fiber (HNLF) Phase Sensitive Amplification (PSA) Constellation Diagram.