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A Study of Copy-Move Forgery Detection Scheme Based on Segmentation


Mohammed Ikhlayel, Mochamad Hariadi, and Ketut Eddy Pumama


Vol. 18  No. 7  pp. 27-32


A copy-move forgery in digital image is a type of passive technique it will contain a part of the copied image and pasted to another parts in the same image. This may be occurring by a forger to cover part of object or validity or to enhance the visual effect in the image. Nowadays, there are many advance editing software in digital image are used to tampering, the forger can easily tamper the image, as a result, the image truth or validity is lost. In this study we will introduce three scheme for copy-move forgery detection(CMFD) based on segmentation and comparing between them, we will discuss the Segmentation-Based Image CMFD, then, adaptive Oversegmentation and Feature Point Matching, Finally, Multi-scale feature extraction and adaptive matching for CMFD. The results indicate the very good performance of each schemes.


copy-move forgery detection, segmentation, Multi-Scale Feature Extraction. Adaptive Patch Matching.