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Impact of Buffer Size on UDP Performance for Real-Time Video Streaming Application


Sarfraz Ahmed Soomro, M. Mujtaba Shaikh, Abdul Fattah Chandio, Nasreen Nizamani


Vol. 18  No. 6  pp. 157-160


Communication in real-time (RTC) is a known term used to allude to any live media transmission that happens within time limits. Buffer sizes usually affect the overall network performance. Thus, impact of homogeneous router buffer size is analyzed in this work. Simulation results show that End-to-End delay and throughput does change if different routers’ buffer sizes are increased. End-to-End delay increases which is ordinarily not worthy for RTC application but rather enhances throughput. However, throughput diminishes with lower buffer size but End-to-End delay also reduces. Thus, intermediate range of buffer size from 40 to 30 frames is suggested for optimal throughput and lower End-to-End delay.


Buffer size, User Datagram Protocol, Video Streaming.