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Cyber Security and Privacy-Preserving Analysis for ITSs based on SHF in a continuous query


Omar Abdulkader, Alwi M. Bamhdi, Vijey Thayananthana, Kamal Jambi, Bandar Al Ghamdi


Vol. 18  No. 6  pp. 148-156


In the last decade, extensive research related to Cyber Security issues and privacy preserving in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSs) and Location Based Service (LBS) have been conducted. The revolution in smart devices, communication, and LBS, encourage users to inquire for their nearest Point of Interest (POI) from LBS providers. This query reveals user’s private information such as identity, location, the query context and might be vulnerable to the different type of cyber-attacks. Despite the fact that users are more restricted to protect their privacy against cyber-attacks, they still want to have the maximum benefit from LBS and ITSs, therefore ensuring user privacy will help in LBS pervasiveness. In this paper, we concentrate to provide cyber security and privacy preserving for continuous queries against tracking attacks by adopting clock region with k-anonymity, l-diversity and introducing an efficient and effective discrete technique for continuous query and pseudonym querier in each separate cloak regions. Secure Hash Function (SHF) has been adopted to build the reference between real querier Id and pseudonym. The proposed technique mitigates the computational cost and provides high security and privacy preserving against cyber-attacks.


ITSs Cyber Security Continuous queries.