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Proposal for a Font Changer Application Based on Results of an Impression Evaluation Experiment


Yui Tanaka and Takayuki Fujimoto


Vol. 18  No. 6  pp. 120-129


By popularization of computers and the Internet, communicate via only text has become essential in our daily lives. Especially, SNSs (Social Networking Services) are indispensable tools to our everyday life. However, expressive richness on SNS communication is clearly not sufficient. Because of that, problems of human relations often occur. Therefore, we focused on “Fonts”. It can be understood from our daily lives that the impressions of text change with different fonts even if that has little scientific basis. Utilizing this phenomenon, we propose an application (app) that improves the expressiveness of SNS communication by changing fonts. In this study, we conducted a font-impression evaluation experiment. Utilizing the results, we defined the impressions of each font, and designed the app that enables the user to select fonts from the desired impressions. With this app, the users can choose fonts intuitively and it leads to improve the expressiveness of texts communication on SNSs.


Smartphone Application, Messenger Application, Font, Human Interface, Mobile Communication, SNS