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Intelligent Enhancement of Organization Work Flow and Work Scheduling Using Machine Learning Approach Tree Algorithm


Tareq Abed Mohammed, Yaser Issam Hamodi, Naeem Th. Yousir


Vol. 18  No. 6  pp. 87-90


Decision Tree is one of the most used machine learning language used for analyzing business problems mostly applied to predict and decide the best way to the problems. Mostly it works on existing data and avoid repeating which is done in the past. Finding the best solution for a set of problem it will get the data of the user performance both with worst and best-case scenario. The purpose of this paper is to find the Employee Performance issues related to Educations, health, Government and many other organizations and give the solution to improve their performance and avoid hiring irrelevant employees using Decision Tree Algorithm. The type of information generated from datasheets and decided with the data processing method. More of the data which contains valuable information can be produced, Industry sector includes important information. The employee performance is calculated to find out. Well, the best way is using a favor Management and processing Staff database.


Data Mining, Machin Learning, Intelligent System, Evolutionary Algorithm, Data Processing, Decision Tree Algorithm.