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Mathematical Model of Multimedia Information Exchange in Real Time Within A Mobile Ad Hoc Network


Kostiantyn O. Polshchykov, Sergej A. Lazarev and Elizaveta D. Kiseleva


Vol. 18  No. 6  pp. 20-24


They developed a mathematical model to evaluate the efficiency of request servicing for the transfer of real time flows in a mobile ad hoc network. In order to ensure a high-quality transfer of audio and video streams, it is recommended to use the preliminary reservation of the required channel performance with the ability to buffer the incoming requests. The probability of request servicing for the transfer of real-time flows with a satisfactory quality is proposed as the indicator of multimedia information exchange efficiency evaluation. Based on the use of the main and additional real-time flow characteristics, the model takes into account the impact of dynamic network topology on its operation efficiency. The probability of an incoming request servicing for a real-time stream transfer is calculated for the most occupied network channel. The application of the model allows to justify the characteristics of the channels, which ensure an efficient exchange of real time flows in a wireless self-organizing network.


mobile ad hoc network, mathematical model, real-time streams, requests service, channel productivity reservation.