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A Honeyfarm Data Control Mechanism: Design, Implementation, Evaluation and Forensic Study


Wei YIN, Hongjian ZHOU, Mingyang WANG and Zhiwen JIN


Vol. 18  No. 6  pp. 8-19


Data control for the honeyfarm should protect the Internet from being attacked by compromised honeypots in the honeyfarm, while providing a controlled environment for malware behavior study. This paper presents such a honeyfarm and focuses on the design of a Data cOntrol mechanism based on Intrusion detection and Data redirection (DOID). The horizontal port scanning problem and DDoS attack problem are addressed in the proposed honeyfarm. Comprehensive experiments including attack event tracing, worm behavior study, forensic analysis, DDoS monitoring and performance evaluation display that DOID is an effective tool for attack monitoring and forensic analysis, with minimal overhead.


Data Control, Honeyfarm, honeynet, forensic analysis