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Big Data and E-Learning in Education


Andino Maseleno, Alicia Y.C. Tang, Moamin A. Mahmoud, Marini Othman, Shankar K.


Vol. 18  No. 5  pp. 171-174


The aim of this paper is to present revolutionizing education through e-learning and big data. In the olden times, when technology has not progressed far enough, there is only one type of teaching and learning that was known: a chalk and blackboard, with the teacher and student being the main factor. Now, as in the 21st century, teaching can be taught without a teacher and learning can be done in various ways, either we are connected to the Internet or not, and also have the drive to strive for that certain knowledge. E-learning is referred to the delivery of learning, training or education via electronic means. It happened because of the revolutionizing of technology and increased in standard of living. The technology includes many types of mass media, for example photos, voice, animation and many more. This application will react efficiently with the connection of the Internet. In addition, e-learning can occur inside or outside the classroom. In fact, people nowadays use e-learning as distance learning or blended learning, which blended learning means the use of technology during face-to-face interaction.


education, blended learning, student, big data, e-learning