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Security threats and legal issues related to Cloud based solutions


Eesa Alsolami


Vol. 18  No. 5  pp. 156-163


In present times, cloud computing has emerged rapidly in both public and private sector, it is basically a set of services and resources that are offered to user on a single platform via internet. Although adaptation of cloud computing is yet to reach its full potential, but is widespread adaptation is exponentially increasing throughout the world, some of the well-known cloud service providers are Microsoft and Google. Rapid adaptation of cloud computing had resulted in increasing severity of security and privacy concerns as well as legal challenges. This study includes multiple issues with cloud computing that impairs security and privacy of data, as well as presents on threat that impacts data residing in the cloud. In addition to this, various mitigating approaches for countering these threats are presented hare as well as multiple open issues are noted in this study for further studies for providing a secure cloud computing environment.


Security threats, legal issues, cloud based solutions, Microsoft, Google