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An Efficient Sindhi Spelling Checker for Microsoft Word


Imtiaz Ahmed Dahar, Fizza Abbas, Ubaidullah Rajput, Ayaz Hussain, Faiza Azhar


Vol. 18  No. 5  pp. 144-150


Sindhi is a language that is spoken by millions of Sindhi people living mostly in the Sindh province of Pakistan as well as in some parts of India. There are many word processing software available for Sindhi language. Spell checker is one of the most important part of a word processing software for any language. This research aims to discuss various techniques related to spell error detection and correction for Sindhi word processing software. This paper discusses various spell related errors such as typographical errors and cognitive errors in the context of Sindhi language as well as various error detection and correction techniques namely SoundEx, ShapeEx and Edit Distance. Furthermore, the paper discusses the existing work in the domain of Sindhi spell checker software and identifies that there is no Sindhi spell checker add-in for widely used Microsoft Word processing software. Towards the end of the paper, we develop and analyze a Sindhi spell checker add-in for Microsoft Word and compare it to the existing open source Sindhi spell checkers. The results show that our developed application can greatly serve for the Sindhi language-based documents using Microsoft Word with a large repository of Sindhi vocabulary for suggesting replacement of a misspelled word. We hope that the findings of this research will greatly serve in the prosperity of Sindhi language.


Sindhi, spell checker, Microsoft word, correction, suggestion.