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Design of an Internet of Things (IoT) network system for Kitchen food waste management


Diaa Salama Abdul Minaam, Mohamed Abd-ELfattah and Mona A. S. Ali


Vol. 18  No. 5  pp. 130-138


The applications of Information communication technology have brought change in human life. IOT has changed the life of human beings. Internet of Things (IoT) are measured as one of the enormous advantages for business. So, many types of organizations use IoT technology for various purposes not limited to business automation, business intelligence and marketing. IoT can play a great role in Kitchen industry. But these technologies are not widely used in the Kitchen industry. Food waste is becoming a big problem in many countries, Food waste has always been an issue in kitchens of all sizes. It is, however, seen a lot more in commercial kitchens where there are high volumes of food. Commercial kitchens have many stations that focus on different types of food, which means different ways of preparing food and ultimately should minimize food waste. This paper proposes an IoT based system customized for Kitchen suffering from wasting food during cooking it because of a large number of meals preparing at the same time so that the Chef can forget them on the Cooker during preparing another one. This paper purposes the design and implementation of an Internet of Things (IoT) sensor network technology for refining food waste supervision and management


IoT, Smart Kitchen, Automated Cooker.