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Energy Harvesting in Opportunistic Relaying Network with Multiple Antennas


Ayaz Hussain, Zahoor Ahmed, Nazar Hussain Phulpoto, Shafiullah Soomro and Inayat Ali


Vol. 18  No. 5  pp. 125-129


In this paper, we study a dual-hop opportunistic decode-and-forward (DF) wireless energy harvesting relaying network with multiple-antennas overκ-μ fading channels. The multiple antennas are considered at the source and destination and communication happens from the source to the destination via a selected energy-constrained relay from among all relays available in the network. In this system, the relay has no external source of power, therefore, it harvests the energy from the radio-frequency (RF) signals that are transmitted by the source node. Using the harvested energy, the selected relay decodes and transmits the source information to the destination. Considering a time-switching-based relaying (TSR) protocol, the performance of the considered system is evaluated for a various number of relays and for a different combination of antennas. The κ-μ fading model is a broad fading model and has some particular cases, namely, Rician, Nakagami-m, and Rayleigh. Hence, these results are broad and are applicable to evaluate the system performance for various fading scenarios.


Energy harvesting, relay selection, multiple-antennas, time-switching-based relaying, κ-μ fading, outage probability.