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Extended Time Petri Net and Hybrid Petri Net : Modeling Multi-Instance Dynamic Hybrid Systems


Yamen El Touati, Mohamed Ayari and Saleh Altowaijri


Vol. 18  No. 5  pp. 75-83


Hybrid Petri nets (HPN) are commonly used for describing Hybrid Dynamic Systems (DHS). Among these DHS, HPN are more convenient to systems where the dynamic is essentially flows such as massive manufacturing systems, liquid chemical transforming, etc. However, an important number of hybrid systems are mainly described by instances that could not be assimilated to flows. HPN formalism is not adequate for these systems and number of nodes tend to be very important. In another hand Time Petri nets are very useful for describing constraints of real time systems and especially systems which are event guided and where the system state can be described via several instances. Extended TPN [4,5] is an extension of TPN including continuous variable which allow modelling of DHS. This paper aim to provide a systematic way to describe Extended Time Petri net with equivalent hybrid Petri nets in order to simplify the modeling process for systems where HPN is not the adequate model.


Hybrid Petri Nest, Time Petri Nets, Dynamic Hybrid Systems..