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Using Clustering Techniques to Plan Indoor Femtocells Layout


Lamiaa Fattouh Ibrahim, Hesham A. Salman, Zaki Taha Fayed


Vol. 18  No. 5  pp. 67-74


with the rapid growth of mobile data, more than 70 percent of this data traffic expected to generate from indoor environments as statistics show. Almost all our houses and offices have poor coverage. Operators of mobile networks need cost-effective solutions to innovate an accurate indoor coverage with high capacity. Data explosion caused by smartphones and tablets solved by introducing the heterogeneous network (HetNet). One of the HetNet is composed of small Femtocell with lower transmit power within a conventional macro-cellular network. To avoid randomly deployment of Femtocells, our paper presents a solution to plan the Femtocell base stations layout using Cluster techniques. This work takes into account the path loss influenced by different types of obstructing, such as different types of walls, windows, and doors. In this paper, DBSCAN and hierarchical agglomerative original algorithms were modified to solve the problem of coverage indoor area. The results of this algorithm indicate that the proposed algorithm conducts to decrease the number of Femtocells so minimize the cost and maximize SINR with a grantee pass loss.


network planning, cell planning, mobile network, Heterogeneous Mobile Networks, Cluster Technique, PAM, Constraints Cluster