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Ethical Issues of Brain-Computer Interface


Naila Samar Naz, Kinza Sardar, urooj Asghar, Mehjabeen, Ali Raza


Vol. 18  No. 5  pp. 21-27


This study is focusing on the overview of Brain Computer Interface (BCI), it describes functions, types, applications and its ethical issues. Furthermore, author has described the essence of BCI and possible enhancements to deal with ethical dilemmas related to BCI. This form of technology is on the verge of great advancement for its eminent benefits to the scientific world and medical paradigms. Basically this technology controls the signals between body part (any) and brain through a machine. It has shaped many therapies. Current discussion will be comprehensively dealing with the ethical boundaries which limit the use of this technology in such therapies. The main purpose of this report is to find the ethical boundaries of BCI and other issues and challenges which are being faced in its implementation and deployment. So that, these can be eliminated and this technology can give benefits to the mankind at its maximum level.


Brain Computer Interface, Ethical Issues, neuro ethics.